What’s on in July

July is a packed month – when are you joining us at Warhammer World?

A new Exhibition of amazing Golden Demon winning miniatures, gaming events for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000 and The Horus Heresy, AND the Forge World Open Day… AND a Pub Quiz… phew! Some events have already sold out, so be fast if you want to join one of the events still available!

Make sure before you visit you check for any changes to service, which may impact on your visit. Find out more here.

Open Gaming

2nd & 3rd July

You can usually have your own battles during our events, but with no events at Warhammer World this weekend, there are LOTS of tables available to reserve! Make sure you’ve reserved a gaming table, and have a battle to remember.

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September Event Tickets Available!

4th July

Get your tickets for September events such as Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The Warlords and Throne of Skulls: Eternal War – Move fast, secure your event ticket, and start planning for a great gaming experience!

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Battle Brothers: Overkill!

9th – 10th July

A weekend of alien blasting, bone crunching action awaits as you and a team mate land on the doomed planet of Hekarth V to destroy everything in sight. 

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Forge World Open Day 2016

17th July

Members of the Forge World Studio coming out from their secret studio to chat, share tips, and show off their latest projects.

All of Warhammer World will be ticket only access on July 17th.

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Golden Demon Exhibition

23rd July – 11th October

Get up close to stunning miniatures painted by some of the winning participants from the 2015/2016 Golden Demon season, as well as some from talented painters who have previously taken on the Golden Demon challenge.

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Throne of Skulls: The Deadwalkers

23rd – 24th July

Experience a chilling Warhammer Age of Sigmar weekend as the dead rise again. Witness the horror of your own miniatures being slain… to then return to hideous unlife…

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Throne of Skulls: The Horus Heresy

30th- 31st July

During this weekend, we will be playing games set at the time of this galactic war. You must ally yourself with either the Emperor or the Warmaster Horus as you choose the destiny for not only yourself, but the entire galaxy!  

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The Horus Heresy Pub Quiz

30th July

The Horus Heresy Pub Quiz is associated with Throne of Skulls: The Horus Heresy, but is open to anyone who wants to join in!

Pub Quiz starts 7.45pm, please arrive early to be sure of a space! All areas of Warhammer World are open until 8.00pm. Bugman’s Bar is open until 10.00pm.

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If you’re excited, but sadly can’t visit us in July, have look ahead at what we have planned to the end of September with our calendar, and start planning something to look forward to now.