Warhammer World Stores: The Sky Shall Be Your Grave

Warhammer World is an amazing place to visit. We have Three unique stores where you can purchase the very latest releases, our grand Exhibition halls full of stunning displays that will really get you geared up for your latest project, and of course our world famous Bugman’s Bar so you can sit down and relax on our sofas with a drink and one of our stunning meals from our Menu.

This Week we take to the skies…but first!

Are you new to collecting Games Workshop miniatures? Or do you know someone who may just enjoy what you do? Then why not come down to Warhammer World and let them battle it out in the 41st Millenium or the Mortal Realms on our two amazing new Demo Boards.

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Citadel Store: Stormcloud Attack

StormcloudThe galaxy of the 41st millennium burns, trapped in an unending war, with every race set against every other, in all imaginable theatres of conflict. A vital component of these battles is the desperate struggle for aerial superiority: wings of aircraft engaging in spectacular dogfights, weaving through storms of bullet hell, swooping into valleys to shake off enemies before unleashing incredible firepower, climbing at stunning speed to gain the perfect angle for a volley of missiles… the skies darken with fleets of combat aircraft vying for superiority, with the unfortunate second-best falling from the sky in spiralling pieces

Stormcloud Attack is a set of three boxed games (Each one has two flyers from the vast races of the 41st Millenium). Each box has an 80 page flight manual which details the awesome rules for stunning dogfighting manoeuvres, with a massive selection of missions – duels, dogfights, and even campaigns! There’s even an exclusive transfer sheet with ace decals and more included.

These boxed games are a great, you can even use other additional flyers from the 41st Millenium. So what are you waiting for Pilot? Get your flight jacket on and take to the skies!

Forge World Store: Tylos Rubio

RubioUpon joining the Knights- Errant, Tylos Rubio renounced not just his Legion, but the Edict of Nikaea, donning a psychic hood and taking up his force sword once more. In the battles to come, the ability to predict and counter the powers of the Warp would prove as valuable to the Sigillite’s cause as a thousand boltguns.

Knight-Errant Tylos Rubio is part of the Horus Heresy Character Series. A powerful psyker, Rubio is equipped with a paragon bolter and psychic-hood, and wields a force-sword which he has learned to use as a channel for his psionic fury in battle.

BlackshieldNot only do we have Tylos Rubio on our shelves this week but we also have an amazing new decal sheet for the outcasts of the Horus Heresy, The Blackshields.

Filled with insignia and squad markings, this A4 sheet is packed with transfers for your Blackshields army. The symbols included are those of various identified hosts, covenants and warbands identified during the Age of Darkness.



Black Library Store: Only The Faithful

OnlyTheFaithAfter a gruelling journey, the warriors of the Hallowed Knights and Astral Templars have found their quarry in the Sea of Bones. During the hunt, Mannfred the vampire lord has raised a mighty undead host to protect the realmgate he has claimed. Whilst Ramus of the Hallowed Knights seeks the vampire’s head and Vandalus of the Astral Templars wants to reclaim the realmgate, both must fight as one and alongside their orruk allies if they are to triumph. Against one of Nagash’s mortarchs, the test will be stern and only the faithful will prevail…

I cannot wait to listen to this. This is the epic conclusion to a great series of Audio dramas that any fan of Age of Sigmar should pick up and listen to.

Don’t forget that within Warhammer World is not only about three fantastic stores, it also has an array of events that you can attend, including the Age of Sigmar Open Day in August and many Gaming events to suit everyone’s taste. Tickets for these are available within our stores so have a chat with our friendly staff and we can make sure we can get you a ticket to the event of your dreams!

See you soon!