What’s Coming at Forge World Open Day 2016

The Forge World Open Day is coming this weekend on July 17th and if you have a ticket for this sold out event, have we got some great news for you!

Age of Darkness Limited Edition

age of darkness forge worldIf you missed the sold out Special Edition of The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List  – there will be  a final 100 copies available at the Forge World Open Day.

It contains 65 Space Marine units from across all six Horus Heresy Books – every unit that can be taken by any of the Legions. This special edition is bound in leather and featuring metal corner protectors to match the rest of your Horus Heresy collection. It’s sold out online, so this may be your last chance to get the special edition!

First Chance To Buy

Be among the first people to get fantastic new items, from event only exclusives to early release products.

Space Marine Librarian summoning a daemon

  • The Space Marine Traitor Librarian – one of the two miniatures exclusively available at Forge World events throughout 2016. You’ll only be able to get this at Games Workshop event stands, and this event is your first chance!
  • Two new Forge World t-shirt designs will be available for the first time, so which will you choose?
  • The massive Mastadon is a long awaited miniature. You’ve seen it as a work in progress, and finally you can get your own at Forge World Open Day!
  • If you want your dice to reflect your loyalties, four new designs will be available for The Horus Heresy Legion Dice, featuring Night Lords, Word Bearers, Iron Warriors and World Eaters. We can’t promise they’ll bring you lucky rolls, but they will bring you envious glances.

Artwork – Return of the Canvas!

The Art GalleryThe Horus Heresy Character art was phenomenally popular when released as canvas prints, and these pieces are returning with a limited number available at the event. We don’t know at present if more will be printed in the future, or if there are plans to release the other characters, but if you’re keen to see that, let Forge World know, and it may happen…

Print on demand banner posters are also returning after their success at Warhammer Fest – choose from over 50 designs, and the impressive posters (almost 2 meters tall!) will be printed and posted to you. No large tubes to carry around or transport home, just some Horus Heresy joy direct to your door.

Painting Competition

Bring your prized painted Forge World miniature to enter into the painting competition, and simply place it on display and await the results. There are no categories to choose from, just a straightforward open competition.

Even if you don’t win, your hard work will be admired by other Forge World fans, and members of the Forge World Studio team themselves, so it’s a fantastic opportunity!

If you have a ticket, we will see you on Sunday July 17th, and if you don’t – please remember that it’s one of the few days when Warhammer World is closed apart from event ticket holders.