Design Studio Guests Announced!

Learn painting tips from the experts, discuss the latest miniatures with their sculptors, and quiz some of the creative minds behind Warhammer Age of Sigmar….We can announce almost all of the designers, writers and painters you can meet and chat with at the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day!
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Make the most of your chance to meet the creative people from behind the scenes. Come along to see some of their favourite creations from down the years, find out about their part in the development of Warhammer and get up close to their latest creations.

Forge World

Miniatures Designers and Painters from the Forge World studio, will be showing off their latest creations and talking about their work:

  • Trish Carden
  • Keith Robertson
  • Nicholas Nguyen

Citadel Studio

Enjoy in-depth demonstrations and discussions in three Demo Pods being held  by members of the ‘Eavy Metal painting team and Miniatures Design team, who will also have their recent and personal Warhammer Age of Sigmar projects on display throughout the day.

‘Eavy Metal

  • Aidan Daly – Hosting a Demo Pod on How to Paint Spirits (For example, Tree-Revenants)
  • Anja Wettergren
  • Max Faleij – Hosting a Demo Pod on Ice Effect Weapons

Citadel Miniatures Design

  • Aly Morrison
  • Colin Grayson
  • Mark Harrison
  • Mike Fores
  • Maxime Pastourel – Hosting a Demo Pod on Maw Krusha Designer’s Notes
  • David Waeselynck
  • Christian Hardy

Army Painters

Pick up painting tips and techniques from our prolific painters behind the massed ranks you admire in our publications:

  • Chris Peach
  • Paul Norton
  • Tom Moore
  • Steve Bowerman

Warhammer World Studio

Revealing their new highly detailed 2×4 foot Warhammer Age of Sigmar diorama, the minds and hands behind the dioramas and gaming tables of Warhammer World will be answering your model making questions.

  • James Karch
  • Dan Hyams
  • Mick Cudworth
  • Owen patten
  • Joe Naber

White Dwarf

Meet some of the team who bring you your regular dose of printed hobby, and find out how they do what they do, and what miniatures they’re on the look out for.

  • Dan Harden
  • Matt Hutson

Please note –  the chances are slim, but unforeseen circumstances may prevent listed guests from appearing at this event.

What is the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day ?

Warhammer AOS Open Day 2016 sticky bannerclick for details buttonbuy ticket Button
Immerse yourself in all things Warhammer Age of Sigmar with our Open Day at Warhammer World on Saturday 13th August 2016. Celebrate the world by meeting the designers, playing the games, and seeing lots of fantastic miniatures. You’ll also be able to pick up the latest releases, along with exclusive event only and Warhammer World only merchandise.

To make sure it’s a safe and enjoyable event for everyone, all areas of Warhammer World will be ticket only access on August 13th.
 Warhammer World
Date: Saturday 13th August 2016
Children 11 years and under admitted free.
Tickets include entry to the Exhibition Centre.