Two New Dioramas to See

In the Warhammer World Exhibition Centre, not one but two new dioramas are now on show!

These 2 by 4 foot scenes aren’t our largest, but they pack in the details, with traditional modelling skills used to create two different viewpoints in one wood. The Warhammer World Studio team were so dedicated to getting these ancient trees looking just right they even went to Bestwood, just outside Nottingham, to collect examples!

One diorama shows a horde of fierce Orruks, charging through the gully they call home, striking down a few luckless Tree-Revenants.

The other shows the heart of the forest, with Alarielle the Everqueen overseeing the elimination of some invading Orruks.

As ever there is plenty to spot, the Warhammer World Studio team assure us there’s an owl hiding somewhere… See these for yourself in the Exhibition Centre, find out more here.