Armies on Parade Guest Displays

Armies on Parade Guest Displays

Usually your one chance to see Armies on Parade is in your local Games Workshop or Warhammer store on Parade Day, but from November 12th you’ll be able to see a fantastic range of them at Warhammer World.

With the care lavished on the miniatures, and often grand ambitions of the display boards created for them, seeing their photographs just doesn’t do justice to Armies on Parade entries!

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Warhammer World’s upcoming series of regularly changing Armies on Parade guest displays will start with six great collections and their boards:

  • Skaven by Dan Harden – November 12th – January 12th
  • Tomb Kings by Dan Harden – November 12th – January 12th
  • Seraphon by Joey Logan – November 12th – February 9th
  • Grey Knights by Jason Lee – November 12th – January 12th
  • Astra Militarum and Cult Mechanicus by Chris Bilewicz – November 12th – February 9th
  • Krieg 108th regiment by Philip Spence – November 12th – February 23rd

On show: November 12th – January and February various dates
Entry: Included in Exhibition Centre ticket

If you have a medal winning Armies on Parade entry, or one you think is really worthy of being displayed at Warhammer World for up to three months, please send some detailed images and information to, and we’ll consider them for future guest displays. You don’t have to have a display board, stunning collections of miniatures alone are just as worthy!