January Event Tickets Available Now!

Get your tickets for January’s great events, and start the new year with some great hobby and gaming to look forward to!


New Year’s Open Day

2nd January

It’s the start of a New Year and time to look back at all that has been, and wonder about what is to come. Enjoy a hobby packed start to 2017 with an Open Day at Warhammer World!

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Kill Team: Spyral Prime

14th January

Assemble your Kill Team, pick a side and fight to the death – Have you got what it takes to come out alive and be crowned the Saviour of Spyral Prime?

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Wondering about tickets for Warhmmer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament and The Horus Heresy Doubles Weekend? They were released earlier than usual, and have already sold out!

Soon you’ll start to see event tickets announced and on sale four months before events, rather than three, so you’ll have even more time to get tickets, secure time off, plan travel…

Can’t wait for January? Coming up before then get tickets and join us for one of these events.

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