What’s on in December

December is the ideal time to head to Warhammer World, with everything we have for you to see and do, and we’re even open on Boxing Day!

With everything happening this month, check out what you could get involved with below, and start making your plans now. Keep watch here on the website, and over on Facebook, for any extra changes announced.

Winter Late Fridays

11th November – 23rd December

From November 11th up to Christmas we’ll be open until 10.00pm on Friday evenings, so you have extra time to visit for gaming, shopping, eating and socialising if your days are busy.

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New Diorama and Guest Display

3rd December- 26th February

Two fantastic displays come to the Exhibition Centre.

Be astounded by The Pilgrym, a Blanchitsu style gaming board and miniatures, created over seven months by friends from around the world.

The Burning of Prospero is the new diorama from Warhammer World’s Studio, fully revealed following sneak looks, to show the pivotal battle up close.

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The Burning of Prospero

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Throne of Skulls: Escalation

3rd – 4th December

This weekend focuses on playing some ‘big’ games of Warhammer 40,000. If you have always wanted to deploy a whole Battle Company of Space Marines, or felt like fielding a grand alliance of chaos daemons – now is your chance!

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battle Brothers Classic

10th – 11th December

A classic Doubles event returns as Battle Brother re-visits its roots. If you enjoy Warhammer Age of Sigmar and like playing games alongside your mates, this event is definitely for you.

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Christmas and New Year

17th December – 2nd January

Warhammer World is here for you over the Christmas season, we’re even open on Boxing Day! If you’re off school or work, we’re the hobby haven you need, complete with great gift ideas and washing-up-free meals to enjoy.

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And if you haven’t seen them yet, there are some great new recently installed Guest Displays in the Exhibition Centre!

Armies on Parade Guest Displays

12th November – Ongoing

Warhammer World’s new series of regularly changing Armies on Parade guest displays will start with six great collections and their boards, so you can see for yourself hobby created by keen collectors.

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