February Event Tickets Available Now!

Get your tickets now for February’s events, and start planning your miniatures for some fantastic gaming!


Blood Bowl

11th February

Joins us in Warhammer World for some free fun with a Blood Bowl event to get your new teams on the pitches, and charging headlong into possible victory, and almost certain injury.

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Warhammer 40,000 Throne of Skulls: The Emperor’s Tarot

18th – 19th February

The Emperor makes His will known across the Galaxy via a deck of holy cards, which grant insight into future events. Take your own deck and manipulate fate itself to achieve victory on the battlefield.

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The Hobbit™Strategy Battle Game Grand Tournament

25th – 26th February

Players of The Hobbit™ Strategy Battle Game will come from all over the world to see who will be crowned Champion of Middle-earth™ for 2017. You will need to be an able general as well as an army builder in order to guarantee victory (and a little luck will help!) So come on down and be prepared to prove your might.

Event details are currently being formulated, and will be revealed very soon… watch for announcements!

Can’t wait? Get tickets and join us for one of these events coming up in December and January!