Hungry? Feel up for a Challenge?

Bugman’s Bar have recently had the pleasure of feeding Bob Bifford, the well known Blood Bowl commentator, while he’s been promoting Blitzer’s Best. As none of our ample meals measured up to his very healthy appetite, the kitchen-slaves put in a huge effort and created the Ogre Burger and Ogre Breakfast in his honour.*

ogre-challenges-1Now both available on Bugman’s menu, Bob is so amused at the idea of a mere human brave enough to wade into an Ogre Burger, that anyone who finishes the whole Ogre Burger Challenge meal will get a certificate signed by him!

There’s no certificate for finishing the Ogre Breakfast, because Bob thinks that with all the veg on it, it’s not really a challenge. (Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Eggs. No, we’re not willing to correct an Ogre on what eggs are.)

* Their exact words were “This shouldn’t kill ‘im, on our honour. Mind if we ‘ave the rest of the day off?… er, no reason.”