Battle over Mining Facility 42

The Events Hall of Warhammer World is packed with unique gaming tables which are free for you to bring along your miniatures and mates, and enjoy your own battles!

As well as plenty of standard 6×4 foot tables with scatter scenery like trees and buildings, we have our Feature Tables – very special boards built by the Warhammer World Studio team, packed with unusual scenery, converted buildings and scratch built terrain.

New Gaming Table

From January 15th this new gaming table will be available, Mining Facility 42 – a complex of platforms, walkways, ladders and machinery clinging to rocky stacks, with a perilous lake of oil below.

When the folks in the Warhammer World Studio were busy in the final stages of painting and weathering, we got these work in progress photos.

Now the board is in the Events Hall it looks like this!

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You can request a reservation for Mining Facility 42 now, for your action packed games from January 15th, by asking staff in store at Warhammer World, or using the request form found here.