Great Guest Displays at Warhammer World

If you haven’t been into the Exhibition Centre for a while, you may have missed our new displays of guest collections painted by hobby fans, and the amazing Pilgrym display created by a group of international miniatures fans.

If you have visited recently, some of the Armies on Parade displays have just changed, so there are now two new reasons to return to the Exhibition!

Tyranids and Genestealer Cultists

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On show:  January 13th to March 30th inclusive

Eddie Eccle’s Gold medal winning Armies on Parade collection of Tyranids and Genestealer Cultists.


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On show: January 14th to March TBC

See the seasonal changes of Ghyran, with Sylvaneth patrolling the land, created by mum and son team of Dawn and Callum Greenwood.

The Pilgrym

You may have seen these amazing miniatures in White Dwarf, but the modelling and painting on The Pilgrym project is well worth a trip to see in person.

A  collaborative project by friends from around the world, all fans of John Blanche’s distinctive art and painting style, these miniatures and gaming board carry the touch of their individual creators, yet also pull into one cohesive display.

On show: December 3rd – February 26th inclusive

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Don’t Miss…

These guest displays are coming to an end soon, the final day to see them all is February 9th. So if you’re a fan of these armies, want some painting inspiration for your collection, or want some ideas for creating your own Armies on parade Board, come and see them in the Exhibition Centre before they go.



Astra Militarum and Cult Mechanicus