Announcing Warhammer Fest 2017!

We’ve mentioned it at other events, we’ve even sold some First Access tickets for it at other events… but now here’s the official launch for Warhammer Fest 2017!

Warhammer Fest is simply the ultimate Warhammer experience! Based in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry over 27th and 28th May 2017, you’ll find everything any Warhammer Fan could possibly want.

As well as all of the usual Warhammer Fest things to see, do and buy, this year you can also join us for the first Warhammer Fest Grand Tournaments! If you get a Grand Tournament ticket, you’ll get two days of gaming, and access to all of Warhammer Fest too.

We’ll be revealing more over the next two weeks, so watch out here on Warhammer World and, and on our Facebook page here.

Tickets will be available from February 10th, from here.

Get ready to get your tickets on February 10th, and we’ll see you in May!