What’s on in February

February at Warhammer World has a free event, ticketed events, a school holiday to enjoy and new displays to see! As well as what’s listed here, keep an eye on Facebook for other announcements for displays and dioramas changing.

Some of these events have sold out, but if you’re keen to battle, check the links in case we’ve had tickets returned.

Open Gaming

4th – 5th February

We have no organised gaming events this weekend, so request a gaming table for your own battles, and start making plans once you get confirmation. Reserving and using tables is free, but we often get fully booked, so  ask about getting one now!

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Event tickets on sale!

From 8.00am February 6th Tickets will be available for April’s events at Warhammer World.
From February 10th tickets will be available for Warhammer Fest (it’s at Coventry, not Warhammer World but you’ll be able to meet many of the Warhammer World team there!)

Free Event – Mighty Blighty Underleague

11th February 2017

Warhammer World opens it’s doors to the Mighty Blighty Underleague, a free event aimed at the new season of Blood Bowl coaches. Just starting your Blood Bowl journey? This is the event for you.

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School Half Term

11th – 19th February

Visit us to experience all the miniatures and displays of the Exhibition Centre, browse the three stores, and get filled with food and drink in Bugman’s Bar! If you want to bring your miniatures and have a battle, check if a gaming table is available by clicking the red button.

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Throne of Skulls: The Emperor’s Tarot

18th – 19th February

The Emperor makes His will known across the Galaxy via a deck of holy cards, which grant insight into future events. Take your own deck and manipulate fate itself to achieve victory on the battlefield.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey™ Grand Tournament 2017

25th – 26th February

Our journey into Middle-earth continues in 2017 which sees the triumphant and long-awaited return of the Grand Tournament.

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Diorama on Display

27th February

From around lunchtime on Monday 27th February, see two Warhammer: Age of Sigmar dioramas which have travelled the world, united into one display in our main entrance.