Last Chance to See – The Pilgrym

You may have seen the detailed images in White Dwarf, but did you know you can see the miniatures and scenery of The Pilgrym for yourself at Warhammer World?

Your last day to see The Pilgrym is February 26th, so get to the Exhibition Centre soon, and don’t miss something so unique.

A seven month “collaborative storytelling game” undertaken by friends from around the world, this display features an array of amazingly detailed models, and incredible gaming board, influenced by the evocative artwork of John Blanche. Some of John’s own work is also included, the distinctive style of his miniatures echoed throughout all of the display.

Currently on loan to Warhammer World, visitors have travelled out of their way and even made repeat visits, to see as much of this great display as they can. Join us soon, and experience The Pilgrym up close.

The Pilgrym is being removed from display Monday February 27th.

Plan your visit using our Visitor Information Here, and find out more about the Exhibition Centre Here.