Armies on Parade Inspiration

If you’re looking for some hobby inspiration, the Warhammer World Exhibition is always a good place, with thousands of miniatures – and the current set of Guest Displays are well worth a look!

The miniatures shown in Guest Displays have been created for pure love of the hobby, by both Games Workshop staff and hobbyists out in the community, so you’ll find unusual colour schemes, inventive conversions and lots of personal touches. Currently we have five great Armies on Parade, so let’s take a closer look at them…

The Court of The Shadowspeaker by Laura Matarasso

Laura’s collection has an entire ‘family tree’ of named characters, and already someone has been trying to work out how her Terrorgheist is built to be howling upright, so they can pose theirs the same.

The Manticore Dreadhold: Orruk Ironjawz by Jamie Forster

Jamie’s Orruk Ironjawz miniatures feature a lot of small swaps and conversions, with parts including Warhammer 40,000 Flash Gitz. Their bold colours also make for a very personalised collection.

The Manticore Dreadhold: Khorne Bloodbound by Gary Shaw

Gary and Jamie worked on their Armies on Parade together, so their boards can join up and collections fight each other. Cork bases allow Gary to add extra height and dynamism to some of his miniatures.

Tyranids and Genestealer Cultists by Eddie Eccles.

Eddie’s very bold colour scheme is based on a real life creature – the mantis shrimp. A lot of planning and time were needed to achieve the end result, but it’s a thematic blend of scenery and miniatures.

Blood Angels by James Woods

Some of James’ miniatures have been carefully converted and based to seamlessly meld into his display board, such as the Space Marine waist deep in the river, and another one vaulting over a low wall.

If you want to see these displays for yourself, you can find out exactly when they are on show here. Eddie’s and James’ displays are only with us until midway though March 30th though, so if you want to see those, you’d best visit soon!