Calling all Warhammer cosplayers!

Calling all Warhammer cosplayers – Warhammer Fest is the place for you!

Every year fans of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar flock to our ultimate Warhammer Experience dressed in fantastic costumes representing their favourite characters from those worlds, and we’re sure Warhammer Fest 2017 will be no exception. It’s a labour of love whether you’re recreating an armoured Space Marine or furred Skaven Assassin, so this year, we want to reward a few lucky cosplayers for all their hard work.

Want to try for a free Warhammer Fest ticket?

If you want a ticket to come to Warhammer Fest on May 27th or 28th in your Cosplay outfit, send us photos of you in your outfit – and in return we will pick a few select cosplayers to receive a free ticket to the day of their choosing. That’s right, free Warhammer Fest tickets!

We only have a limited number of tickets to give to our absolute favourites, so give it a go, as we’re excited to see your costumes.

  • Simply send two photos of you in your outfit, and which day you’d like to attend, to
  • We’ll send a selected few of you tickets to your preferred day to come and show off your amazing outfits.
  • All photos need to be in by April 27th.
  • We will let the selected cosplayers know by May 5th.

Already got your Warhammer Fest ticket but still want to send us photos of your awesome cosplay? If you’re selected we can just refund your existing ticket. Don’t worry if you aren’t picked for a free ticket, we’re looking forward to seeing all your amazing outfits, so do still get your own ticket, don your costume and join us at Warhammer Fest!

Whether you want to send us your photos, or just dress up on the day for Warhammer Fest, there are some rules to bear in mind:

The wearing of costumes at the Event is permitted only on the following basis:

  • Costumes must not be comprised, in whole or in part, of any real (or realistic) equipment of any military unit in existence after 1900. This especially applies to camouflage clothing, helmets etc.
  • Costumes must not utilise, in whole or in part, any real, scaled or replica weapons.
  • Costumes that indicate allegiance or affiliation with any real political or military movement are strictly forbidden.
  • Costumes must be designed with health and safety and public decency in mind.
  • Costumes must be inspired by or relate to the worlds and universes created by Games Workshop.
  • Attendees may be asked to alter or remove any unacceptable costume and/or accessories.