Thank you from all of us!

Since Games Workshop moved to our current location in 1997, Warhammer World has been through many changes, with the most recent large change in May 2015, when we opened the doors on our new redevelopment.

We’re about to reach the second year of our new Exhibition and Retail Stores, we’ve reached over 40,000 Facebook followers, and we’ve been told by Trip Advisor that you think we’re excellent!

It seemed like the perfect time to gather the Warhammer World team together, to say thank you to all of you for visiting us, supporting us, or even just following us from across the world while you hope to visit one day. Warhammer World is here for the Games Workshop hobby fans, and we’re genuinely happy that we get to make so many people happy every day.

Here’s looking forward to celebrating again in another 30 years!

(A shout out also goes to the people we couldn’t get into this photo, because of working different shifts, or being elsewhere fulfilling essential functions. From cooking to cleaning to fixing the electrics, there are a lot of other people behind the scenes who help Warhammer World tick.)