The Tau Table Goes Green

The gaming tables of Warhammer World include our specially built feature tables, which include unusual scenery and extra details, as well as sometimes being much larger than your normal gaming table!

The Tau Research Station has been a long time stalwart in the Events Hall, and it’s just undergone a face-lift and a growth spurt.

The Tau table used to be 6 x 12 feet, but the swampy domain was reduced when we wanted to introduce some brand new tables. With a recent change to the table layouts, we realised we had enough space to return the Tau table back to it’s larger size, and decided to make it extra verdant at the same time!

If you already have this table reserved for an upcoming game, you can simply enjoy the extra table space. If you want to check availability and get gaming on this table, get in touch via our gaming table request page here.