Sneak Peek: Three New Dioramas!

The Warhammer World Design Studio are busy on new dioramas you’ll be able to see for the first time at Warhammer Fest in Coventry at the end of the month, and we’ve snuck in to take some photos for you!

The latest Warhammer: Age of Sigmar diorama has already been hinted at in a previous blog (have a look here) and now only a few final touches are needed to complete it. After being shown at Warhammer Fest, you’ll be able to see it at Warhammer World from July 15th.

As well as finished dioramas, the team will have part of a work in progress project with them, so you can see the stages involved in building a large diorama, and ask the Warhammer World Design Studio folks about how they do what they do. This is only one section of a larger board!

Finally, they’ve almost finished a brand new Warhammer 40,000 diorama, and are securing the last miniatures to it before it’s carefully packed up for transportation.

You’ll be able to see five dioramas in the Warhammer World Design Studio area at Warhammer Fest, with these three plus two already shared over on the Warhammer Community blog (have a look at them here)

If you can’t join us in Coventry over May 27th and 28th, then look out for announcements about when you’ll see these evocative displays in Warhammer World!

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