Seminars and Demo Pods at Warhammer Fest

If you want to get lots of hobby tips and techniques, hear directly from the minds behind your favourite fantasy creations, ask questions, and perhaps get a sneaky look at what’s coming up, you’ll want to get in on the Seminars and Demonstration Pods at Warhammer Fest!


Whether you’re joining us on Saturday or Sunday, you’ll have the same choice of seminars, with the most popular ones running twice each day – so although spaces are limited to keep things comfortable and safe, you’ll have plenty of choice and opportunity to get a seat!

  • Tickets are available from 10.00am Saturday and 9.30am Sunday, from the Ticket Office on ground level.
  • The entry queue will come in past the Ticket Office, just get your seminar ticket then!
  • You can choose one seminar to start with  – then after 11.00am Saturday and 10.30am Sunday we’ll be allowing people to get tickets for extra seminars, if available.
  • We’ll issue tickets on the day, so Sunday tickets will only be available on Sunday morning.

Demo Pods

No tickets needed – just drop in!

Take away plenty of handy tips and techniques to apply to your hobby at home, and get some glimpses of what happens behind the scenes, from our experts in the live Demonstration Pods.

You can enjoy live hobby demonstrations and discussion from the experts of the Citadel Miniatures Designers, ‘Eavy Metal, Forge World, Specialist Games and Middle-earth™ teams at 17 different Pods happening over both Saturday and Sunday, with some of the popular ones being repeated (that’s 24 live Demo Pods planned!).

The Schedules

Plan your day or weekend around the Demonstration Pod schedules, or just drop by between other activities you have planned – click the images below to open larger versions.

Wondering what Warhammer Fest actually is?

It’s simply the ultimate Warhammer experience! Based in the Ricoh Arena in Coventry over 27th and 28th May 2017, you’ll find everything any Warhammer Fan could possibly want.