Security at Warhammer Fest

Following the terrible events this week in Manchester, all major venues throughout the UK are introducing extra security measures.

Together with the Ricoh Arena, the venue for this weekend’s Warhammer Fest event,  we remain committed to bringing you a great and safe Warhammer experience.

Games Workshop has been working with the venue, to implement the additional measures necessary to ensure that the event proceeds with the optimum security and safety.


The additional security measures will include (but are not limited to):

  • Revised Car Parking – All members of the public will be directed to Car Park C (a 5 minute walk) and at peak periods, to Christ the King Car Park (a 10 minute walk). This parking will be signposted on the day.
    • Please do not park your vehicle in any other area as it may be treated as suspicious and dealt with accordingly.
    • Cars can still enter onto Judds Lane for dropping off or picking up people.
    • Please click on the images below for PDF maps.
  • Additional Security Officers – There will be an increased security presence throughout the venue.
  • Revised Entrance Arrangements – All entry to the venue will be through the Southern entrance/exit, and you’ll find people in the car park directing you to the correct door.
  • Universal Bag Checks – At the entrance point, and other points, there will be bag checks. Please note that this may increase any queuing time.

How can you help the event run smoothly?

  • Please be prepared to walk a little further from the car parks, and allow extra time for this.
  • Please be ready for your bags, boxes, and miniatures cases to be searched as you enter.

Staff at Warhammer Fest are aware of the changes to car parking, and the bag search policy, and delays these may cause, so will take them into account for tournament registration.

  • Checks on Tickets, Lanyards and Wristbands – Please ensure you have your ticket easily accessible, or lanyard or wristband easily visible to security staff.
  • Do not leave any bags, miniatures cases, etc, unattended – They may be treated as suspicious and dealt with accordingly.
  • Suspicious Behaviour or Packages – We request that anyone noticing any unusual or suspicious behaviours or packages, should report this immediately to a member of Ricoh Arena or Games Workshop staff.
  • Security Instructions – We request that you comply immediately with any security instructions from security personnel and via the venue’s public address system at the event.

We have a busy weekend planned for you all, and we look forward to seeing you at Warhammer Fest.

Games Workshop Events Team