Sneak Peek: Update on the New Dioramas!

June 12th to 16th inclusive we’re closing Exhibition Area 2 – The Imperium – to install a new diorama, and we sneaked into the Warhammer World Studio (again, see our last visit here) to see how the diorama work is going.

The team took the work in progress diorama board to Warhammer Fest and, following some extra work, last week it looked like the picture on the right.

Since then, there are more buildings in place, more details added, texturing in place, and paint going on. The miniatures are almost all done, ready and waiting to be fixed in place once the scenery is complete, barring the final few which will be added once the board is in place in the Exhibition.

As well as the Thunderhawk on the Landing Pad, the Warhammer World Studio Team have worked out how to mount another one on the wall, so it’ll be “flying” in to land over the diorama!

You can see this for yourself, finished and in the newly rearranged Exhibition Area 2, from Saturday June 17th.

As that day is the release of the new edition of Warhammer 40,000,  why not join us to be among the first to see the new diorama, and enjoy all of our launch celebrations?