The Necrons are Waking…

When thinking about a new diorama for the Exhibition Centre, the thoughts of the Warhammer World Studio team went back to when we first opened the new Exhibition, and the Necron Tomb World diorama… They’ve decided it’s time to wake the Necrons again.

Planning a new diorama for the Enemies of the Imperium room opened up plenty of opportunity for alien landscapes and architecture, rather than solely working with Imperial looking designs. The team wanted the focus to definitely be on the Xenos element, so designs gradually changed from an Imperial settlement being destroyed as the Necrons rise,  to much more established Necron buildings.

Words and phrases like Ziggurat and processional way have been bandied around, as the Warhammer World Studio team moved from small scale concept models, to working full scale with foam board. These will be used as templates to finally build in more durable materials.

Inspired by the designs on the Monolith and Necron Obelisk, the team are planning something special for the buildings, and here’s a clue for what they’re working on!

To install this new display, and make some other changes, Exhibition Area 4 – The Enemies of the Imperium room of the Exhibition Centre – will be closed September 18th – 22nd. Exhibition introduction, and Areas 1, 2 and 3 will be available as usual.

Come and see the finished diorama from September 23rd!