Bugman’s WiFi is back!

This blog is being typed and posted using the free public WiFi in Bugman’s Bar, because it’s up and running and better than ever!

After a couple of months of hiccoughs and no service, the IT grots department have not only returned Bugman’s customer WiFi to working order, they’ve also taken on board feedback and provided a better service.

Since the last time the WiFi was updated, Warhammer World has seen visitor numbers increase, so the demand on the service in the bar has increased as well, as people take the chance to relax while their hobby fans wage war on the gaming tables, or take another look around the Exhibition and stores. Now you should find the WiFi fit for (almost) all your needs!*

Your phone should automatically pick up the WiFI once you turn your options on, but if you have any issues, just ask staff at the bar.

*We can’t promise that you can play your online games full speed and full spec, but please bear in mind that it is a public and shared connection after all!