What’s on in September

September for many means off to university, back to school, or a sigh of relief as you watch the kids get back into their routine… Warhammer World is here for trips with new mates, rewards for good behaviour, and lots of inspirational hobby projects on display!

We have more than our usual amount of changes to service this month though, so plan ahead to make the most of your visit.

Golden Demon Winners’ Display

July 22nd – October 13th

See some of the amazing winning miniatures from the 2016/17 Golden Demon Painting Competition season, and perhaps pick up some ideas for your own painting. Entry included in Exhibition ticket.

Warhammer 40,000 Throne of Skulls: Dark Imperium

2nd – 3rd September

Warhammer World’s first singles event of the New Warhammer 40,000 – a fantastic opportunity to give your armies their first run in the new game against a variety of different opponents.

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The Battle for Loebus

9th September

This will be a Doubles Tournament to begin finishing off the campaign here in Warhammer World. We will be playing a day of games using the Open War cards.

The Fate of Loebus

10th September

This will be a Singles Tournament and is the final day for the Fate of Konor campaign here in Warhammer World. We will be playing a day of games using the Open War cards.

Closed for the Morning

13th September 

On September 13th all of Warhammer World will be closed until 12.00pm. Bugman’s bar will be closed until 1.00pm.

The Hobbit: Strategy Battle Game™ Throne of Skulls; The War of The Ring.

16th -17th September

Take part in five games over the course of two days, playing over a variety of tables and against players from hardened veterans to brand new warriors. You’re welcome to come along regardless of experience or skill!

Exhibition Area 4 Closed

18th – 22nd September 

Exhibition Area 4  – The Enemies of the Imperium room of the Exhibition Centre – Closed. Exhibition introduction, and Areas 1, 2 and 3 will be available as usual.

Changes to Service

22nd – 23rd September

As well as having no gaming tables available, we will have various changes to our food service and opening times. Please click the red button for full details.

Exhibition 4 reopens

23rd September

Although there are changes to Warhammer World’s usual services this day, we’ll have a whole new diorama on display for you to see the details on!

Open Gaming

24th and 30th September

Book a gaming table in advance, then just bring your miniatures and mates to make the most of a day of gaming! We provide the gaming table and scenery for free, but we expect to be busy, to make a request and see what’s available before you visit.

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With plenty here to see and do, when are you visiting us?