Necron Diorama Sneak Peek

Come with us and have a sneak around the Warhammer World Studio!

Recently we showed you some of the work in progress on the latest diorama, which will feature a waking Necron Tomb World. (See that blog post here)

We dropped into the Warhammer World Studio, after a delivery of strangely shaped acrylic boxes grabbed our attention, and found that there’s been a lot more work done on the diorama.

Above you can see one of the acrylic shapes being carefully measured up, so it can be clad with perfectly cut foamboard panels. The team had to go and buy a “back to school” maths set for a new protractor, to make sure they get all of the angles spot on!

Only a short while later, and the base of the board was filled with sheets of carefully cut foam, ready to be shaped and sculpted into terrain.

We’ll be sharing some more pictures as the work progresses, so keep watching!

To install this new display, and make some other changes, Exhibition Area 4 – The Enemies of the Imperium room of the Exhibition Centre – will be closed September 18th – 22nd. Exhibition introduction, and Areas 1, 2 and 3 will be available as usual.

Come and see the finished diorama from September 23rd.

(Has anyone else noticed that the essential-mug-of-tea seemed to stay in the same place, even though a layer of foam was added to the table between photography sessions?)