See it Now: The Siege of Khanoris

In the darkness of the Imperium Nihilus, deep beneath the surface of ice-locked Khanoris, something ancient stirred. Amidst the emerald glow of eldritch engines, Necron tomb complexes of the Sautekh Dynasty rumbled upwards through the frozen ground into the light of day.

The latest diorama from the Warhammer World Studio is now installed in the Exhibition Centre here at Warhammer World, ready and waiting for you to come and see it in all its eerie glowing green glory.

We don’t want to spoil the drama by showing you too much, but here’s a look to whet your appetite before you visit.

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Want to see some of how it was made? Check out the work in progress blogs here and here.

As well as the new diorama, we’ve taken the chance to move and alter some of the miniatures displays, and made some additions around The Battle For Angelus Prime diorama. You’ll now find cabinets of rampaging Demonic supporters of Khorne in the same room, and a new “relic”; the Helm of Brother-Sergeant Gaultus.

Want to see all of this, and much more, for yourself? Visit the Exhibition at Warhammer World, find out more here.