Empyrea 7: Available to Book for Games!

If you want a battle over the kind of gaming table you’re unlikely to have at home, Warhammer World can certainly provide!

The latest Feature gaming table you can request by name is Empyrea 7, which has been in the Events hall for a few weeks as we make sure it plays as expected, and now it’s officially available to request!

(See it as a work in progress here.)

One of the things which makes Empyrea 7 so much fun to use is being made up of separate Forge World tiles, which you can pick up, swap, move and turn, to arrange the table to your liking. Want all of that scenery grouped tightly, with an open area at one end? You can set that up! Want the tower in the middle, or at one end? You can set that up!

To find out more about the gaming tables in our Events Hall, and how to request one (or more!) for your games, click the button to thright. Do note, we often quickly become fully booked at weekends, so planning well in advance or having a couple of options in mind is always worthwhile!