Guest Display: Adam Walker’s Dark Eldar

Warhammer World has regularly changing Guest Displays, showcasing the amazing personal projects created by fans of the hobby, and we now have three great Armies on Parade displays with us until early January.

We’re digging into each of them in a bit more detail over the next few weeks, starting off with Adam Walker’s Dark Eldar.

Winner of first place at Warhammer World’s Armies on Parade day – taking a massive third of the overall votes placed – Adam’s display is an eye-catching combination of scratch built scenery and an unusually muted colour palette. 

His Haemonculus themed army is setting off on a raid, dramatically surging through a suburb of Commorragh. The scenery began as a fun project with his kids, just building some alien looking terrain, which they still call “The baddie base”.

The miniatures are all worthy of a closer look, as Adam’s freehand painting and beautiful wings are full of detail and colour not obvious at a casual glance. The glowing green used on some miniatures represents poisoned weapons.

Come and see this great display for yourself at the Warhammer World Exhibition, along with the thousands of other miniatures, and over 20 specially built dioramas.