Guest Display: James Stone’s Harlequins

Warhammer World has regularly changing Guest Displays, showcasing the amazing personal projects created by fans of the hobby, and we now have three great Armies on Parade displays with us until early January.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at each of them in a bit more detail, having started with Adam Walker’s Dark Eldar, then Paul Billinghurst’s Genestealer Cult, and now it’s the turn of James Stone’s Harlequins.

James’ display didn’t win an award, but was one of the boards which caught the eye of our Exhibitions Curator, and received an invite to become a Guest Display.

Having seen illustrations by John Blanche, James decided to create what he calls ‘grim dark’ Harlequins, stepping away from their usually bright colours. Converted miniatures, including parts and miniatures from across the Citadel ranges, coupled with unusual colours, make for a very different look for the Harlequins.

The pillars and scenery focal point are all separate to the board, allowing James to use them in games. The disturbing statue base is created from Skaven parts, with a figurine from a pound shop, all carefully balanced, supported by a core of a brass rod. When he saw the cherub James “knew” he had to use it!

Come and see this great display for yourself at the Warhammer World Exhibition, along with the thousands of other miniatures, and over 20 specially built dioramas.