Guest Display: Louise Sugden’s Goblin Stadium

Another great guest display to see at Warhammer World?!

Yes, as well as the three Armies on Parade displays we’ve already shared with you, Louise Sugden’s Goblin Stadium is now also in the Exhibition centre for you to see.

Louise’s efforts won her silver at the Warhammer World Armies on Parade, and with the amount of detail she’s packed into the miniatures and overall display, it’s one of those shelves where you stop and spot something new every time you walk past the cabinet.

The idea behind the game is classic Blood Bowl Goblin miniatures vs. the new Blood Bowl Goblin miniatures, and then a whole wealth of Goblin and Grot miniatures as support and spectators. It’s good fun picking out the new and old miniatures, as Louise’s choices and painting skills have made things seamless. All the colourful painting of classic “Goblin Green” bases, but with modern tones and techniques.

It’s not easy to spot at first, but in the midst of all the details, Louise has arranged the miniatures to create a narrative. Most of the players on the pitch have failed to notice that the ball has been run off the field!

On show from now until February 16th, come and see this great display for yourself at the Warhammer World Exhibition, along with thousands of other miniatures, and over 20 specially built dioramas.