The FULL 2018 events calendar!

A regular request from fans of our events is to know what we’re planning more than three months in advance, so we’ve now released our planned event dates for all of 2018!

On the PDF calendar you can find out at a glance when our expected peak periods, currently planned events and planned changes to usual service are over 2018, and plan your visit to best suit you.

The calendar also gives dates for some of the major Games Workshop events run outside of Warhammer World!

We’ll update the calendar on the start of each month, when some of the currently secret events can be revealed, new displays are confirmed, and any planned changes to service are confirmed.

It’s always worth remembering that although details are correct at this time, they may change in the future if a great event idea comes up or the unexpected happens.

We also always advise getting an event ticket BEFORE you spend money on booking travel and accommodation!