Warlord Titan Down! New gaming table underway

In the Warhammer World Studio, the team don’t only create impressive dioramas, they also build the scenery and gaming boards for the events hall.  Currently in their hands, is a project which may make nervous hobbyists want to look away…

This new gaming table asks the question “If a Titan falls in the middle of a city fight, what would that devastation look like?”, and we showed you the start of their work at the New Year’s Open Day (Have a look here)

The team have already chiseled battle damage onto some of the parts. We’ve included the miniature as a reference for those not sure just how big a Warlord Titan is!

It’s not often that you get to take a hammer to a Warlord Titan, but that’s exactly what Andy is doing today, so the arms, legs and armaments of the Warlord can be suitably crashed through buildings, with it’s body in the center of the table.

Here’s the start of the table itself, with black outlines just visible where the parts are planned to be strewn, but as with all projects, that may change…

If you’re amazed to see this model being treated so cavalierly, the Warhammer World Studio team are mainly using miscast and damaged parts, so this way the resin is getting a new lease of life lots of people can enjoy once the table hits the events hall!

(Don’t worry, we’ve made sure all of the Titans are still safe in the Exhibition!)

We’ll let you know when the table is available, but if you want to check out our other gaming tables, and how to request them to game on, find out more via the red button.