Warlord Titan Down! Gaming table update

We’ve been sharing progress on the latest gaming table for the Warhammer World events hall, both on the blog and Facebook, and now, the colour is being added!

There’s still detail, battle damage and weathering to add, but the blue and yellow (and eventually gold) Warlord really is the focal point in this plaza of destroyed buildings.

To make the plaza feel like part of a real and functioning world, the Warhammer World Studio team have painted street markings, and built in pipes visible through broken areas of ground. These damaged areas give the feeling of a layered floor, with essential services below, not just buildings sat on a flat plane. It also heightens the sense of a battle between Titans taking place, with the usual city roads unable to support the weight of the mechanical behemoths treading over them.

We’ll let you know when the table is available, but if you want to check out our other gaming tables, and how to request them to game on, find out more via the red button.

If you’re amazed to see a Titan being treated so cavalierly, the Warhammer World Studio team are mainly using miscast and damaged parts, so this way the resin is getting a new lease of life lots of people can enjoy once the table hits the events hall!