The Warhammer World Dioramas book

Warhammer World’s Exhibition is home to a ever-growing number of fantastic dioramas (about 25 of them as this post goes live) and they’re usually the first thing our visitors fill their camera memory cards with, and stop to ask staff about. Which is why at the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day we’re launching a book about them.

Over the past few months the Exhibitions Curator and Warhammer World Studio team have been busy jotting down design notes, working with photographers and hanging over the shoulder of our (very patient) Graphic Designer, to bring the Warhammer World dioramas to the page.

The focus of the dioramas book is the high quality photographs, including close ups and angles you just won’t be able to reach with your own camera. Alongside these we have the narrative background for each diorama, and notes, including some of the facts and figures from building them.

For people interested in how dioramas on this scale are built, it would take a whole book of its own to cover the different techniques, tools and materials, but we do take you behind the scenes for a few pages to show each broad stage from Concept to Installation.

Available exclusively at Warhammer World, released on March 3rd 2018, the dioramas book makes a great addition to your exploration of the Exhibition, and the perfect  souvenir of your visit.

On March 3rd Warhammer World is hosting Warhammer World’s Age of Sigmar Open Day – We’ll only be open for Open Day ticket holders.

A celebration of the amazing Citadel and Forge World models we produce, as well as giving you a chance to look at what is to come, it’s a fantastic event for all fans of Age of Sigmar!

Tickets are on sale now!