The Diorama you can rearrange!

When is a display case not just a display case?  When the Warhammer World Studio team decide to build a backdrop, to turn it (and the models) into a sort-of-diorama.

Mick in the Warhammer World Studio has just finished a new idea for the Exhibition, creating a diorama style backdrop for one of our cabinets. Usually on a diorama, the miniatures are fixed in place, but these Titans get used for photography, so need to be removable.

The backdrop is simply two pieces of wood joined to make an L shaped floor and wall, which has then been covered in parts of Citadel Scenery kit and Realm of Battle tiles, to look like an Imperial Hangar. Because of the size of the cabinet, this backdrop has been made in two sections, but designed to look like a continual run. With Chaos Titans at one end, you can see where the followers of Chaos have started to cover up the Imperial iconography!

Got a display case at home? Or even a shelf of miniatures? How about trying something like this to put your own miniatures in a dramatic setting? Many DIY centers will happily cut wood to size if you buy it from them, then you just need to screw them together, and go crazy, from just painting a background, through to adding scenery kits.

Suddenly your miniatures shelf above your desk can become a whole rearrangeable diorama!

Find out more about the Warhammer World Exhibition here.