The Death of Imperius Terrum is heading to Warhammer Fest 2018!

The Death of Imperius Terrum is heading to Warhammer Fest 2018!

That’s Warhammer World’s latest feature gaming table, which went out into the events hall this past week, and as soon as we opened up the Warhammer World store it had a game taking place on it!

This 6×4 table features a full Warlord Titan collapsed in the center of an Imperial precinct, and it had a lot of attention from hobby fans, right from the very first work in progress photos we shared from behind the scenes.

Created by the Warhammer World Studio team, you can talk to them about how they made the table, and get tips for your own scenery and terrain, at Warhammer Fest 2018 at Coventry on May 12th and 13th. Because they’re so proud of the table, the Warhammer World Studio team will be taking it with them, for thousands of people to admire over the whole weekend.

Whet your appetite by seeing how it developed in the work in progress blog posts here, and here.

If you want to see this gaming table set up with a battle taking place over it, and talk to the team who conceived and created it, make sure you find the Warhammer World Studio area at Warhammer Fest.

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