What’s on in April

It’s the start of April, which means another month of activity, more event tickets going on sale and gaming table requests available to the end of June!

To allow everyone to just enjoy the Sunday and Monday over the Easter Bank Holiday:
Event tickets will go on sale from 8.00am on Tuesday 3rd April.
June table requests will open from 10.00am on Tuesday 3rd April.

If you want a reminder for these happening on Tuesday, make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter! https://warhammerworld.games-workshop.com/newsletter/

Easter Weekend

30th March – 2nd April

Apart from being closed on Sunday April 1st, Warhammer World is all open as usual over the Bank Holiday! We are very busy, but even if you don’t get a gaming table on the day, we have plenty to enjoy, like £1 Exhibition tickets.

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School Holidays

2nd to 15th April

If you want to get gaming, make sure you check ahead for a table, but even if you can’t get a space, we have lots to see and enjoy!

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Warhammer 40,000 Throne of Skulls: There is Only WAR

7th & 8th April

Throne of Skulls: There is only War, is a Matched Play event for Warhammer 40,000. Throne of Skulls is a casual gaming event, where sportsmanship and well presented armies go hand in hand with your ability on the battlefield.

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament 2018 Heat 2

14th & 15th April

The Grand Tournament is one of Games Workshop’s signature matched play events. If you want to test yourself against the best, share a beautifully painted army and play against likeminded people, then the Grand Tournament is for you.

Necromunda Gang War

21st April

Our first Necromunda event is a FREE one day tournament open to all. Whether you are just starting out on your journey in the hive, or if you’re a seasoned ganger, get ready to stake your claim.

Open Gaming

22nd April

Request a gaming table in advance, and once you get the “Yes!” start gathering your mates and miniatures for a day of your own games.

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Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire Grand Clash 2

28th April

The event has two components: First, players will first compete in a four-round ‘Swiss’ event, and finally the top two players will then face off to become crowned the next Grand Clash Champion!

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Open Gaming

29th April

Enjoy a day of casual gaming with your mates – Just request a gaming table in advance, and gather your miniatures once you get the “Yes!”

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We’ve also got some changes happening to the Guest Displays in the Exhibition, with new collections of miniatures painted by talented hobbyists to see. Check up on our Facebook page, and the Guest Displays page for details as they come!