30 years of Space Marines

space marines 30th anniversaryOn April 16th Games Workshop is celebrating 30 years of Space Marines!

The iconic figure of the Space Marine has been with for a surprisingly long time, and from when its first appearance caught the attention of hobbyists, it has become a cornerstone of Games Workshop.

So join us at Warhammer World on April 16th as the store puts up the birthday balloons and sings Happy Birthday to the Space Marines!*

  • Get your hands on some event exclusive Space Marine items, including an exciting new miniature and a book – we expect these to be very popular!
  • Pick up some cool giveaway items like badges and art prints – just ask staff on the day to find out how you can get these.
  • Do you still have the first Space Marine you ever painted? Bring in your own bit of Space Marine history, and we’ll take a photo to show off your memories on facebook.
  • Power Armour Painting Competition. We’ll give you a miniature, access to paints and brushes and 30 minutes… Go, go go! Throughout the day we’ll be running these sessions and then judging the results, with small prizes for the best painted Space Marines.

*We probably won’t do this, as no-one deserves to listen to us singing.