Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament 2017

Heat 1: 21st-22nd January  

Heat 2: 8th-9th April

Heat 3: 1st-2nd July

Grand Final: 7th/8th October 2017

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Welcome to Games Workshop’s Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament season. This event is for anyone who enjoys using a canny mix of army selection and astute generalship to win games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Being crowned the Grand Champion of Warhammer Age of Sigmar at the end of the year is a colossal achievement and worthy of great song and rejoicing.

Only a formidable general will be able to raise trophy belonging to the Grand Champion – Games Workshop’s unique prize we offer only to those who can not only play the game, but do so in the spirit of the Age of Sigmar, and with a well painted army to boot.

Event Essentials:

System: Warhammer : Age of Sigmar

Army Selection: Select an army worth a maximum value of 2,000 Points using the rules and restrictions provided in the Pitched Battle section from the General’s Handbook.

Only Warscrolls and Warscroll Battalions with Pitched Battle Profiles may be used at the Grand Tournament, see the Generals Handbook for details.

This includes Forge World models that have a Pitched Battle Profile.

Note that Allegiance Abilities can and should be used.

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