Battle Brothers: Warp Storm

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21st – 22nd November 2015

Warhammer World, Nottingham 

Battle Brothers sees you team up with a a partner for a weekend of doubles gaming. It focuses on fun and camaraderie, and is an ideal event for all, whether you be a
veteran of a thousand wars or you’re just taking your first steps on your crusade. Prizes are awarded for painting and sportsmanship: you don’t need t
o win a single game to do well at Battle Brothers; it’s all about having a great attitude and enjoying yourself.

Battle-Brothers-Warp-Storm-date-1-212x300The Warp Storm

The Certus Minor Ritual

The doomed planet of Certus Minor is being dragged into the Warp by Lord Deceiver Ygethmor, foul Sorcerer of the Black Legion. Can the noble Imperial defenders and their allies stop the dark ritual before it’s too late?

  • Battle Brothers with a very strong narrative twist.
  • Focus on Psychic powers and Psykers with loads of special rules along this theme.
  • Upgrade your characters to have Psychic Powers!
  • Unexpected psychic events throughout the weekend as the planet you are fighting on gets dragged ever closer into the Eye Terror…Events Pack Button
  • 800 points per player… and you’ll really want to include some psykers in there…

See you there!

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