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At the heart of Warhammer World is the Events Hall – our inspiring Empire castle courtyard packed with gaming tables, see our feature tables on the lower half of this page!

Gaming tables are free to request, reserve and use. Book in advance, bring an opponent, your miniatures, and your gaming equipment, and you’re all set for battle when you arrive here.

Using our Gaming Tables

Your request is not guaranteed until you receive a reply.
Once you place a request we will confirm availability or suggest alternatives within a few days.
For short notice queries call us on 0115 900 4151 (10.00am – 6.00pm)
Reservation well in advance is strongly recommended.

To help plan for any changes which may impact on your visit, check our Service Changes and Calendar.

  • Games must be Games Workshop games, played with Games Workshop miniatures, preferably painted and based . Warhammer World is an amazing chance to show off your collection!
  • Gaming tables must be used for the gaming system they are designed for.
  • Your table may be made available to other gamers if you aren’t using your table within an hour of your session start, and haven’t let us know you’re running late.
  • We can’t book tables beyond the dates available on the booking form. To find out when future bookings open, sign up to our newsletter for direct announcements!

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