Campaign Weekend: The Crystal Labyrinth

Date: 29th/30th April

Deep within Tzeentch’s madness inducing realm lies a sub-dimension called the Crystal Labyrinth, a great, twisting mass that a single man could wander for eternity and never hope to find but a single exit, never mind the real one.

Our story begins in a land called Facet, one of the many places the Labyrinth connects to, a stepping stone on the greater path through the maze. You will take command of an army and battle for the favour of the Gods in an effort to escape this vast and insane realm.

Your victories will choose your path, your failures will shape your destiny, but in the end all that matter is what price you must pay to escape the Crystal Labyrinth!


Congratulations on taking your first step on to the path of the Crystal Labyrinth. A weekend of exciting, unique games awaits, where you will craft your own story as you attempt to escape Facet, which you hope is the final test before escaping the Labyrinth.

All you need is a fully painted and based Warhammer: Age of Sigmar army along with your usual game paraphernalia (dice and tape measures are good starts) and then come to Warhammer World for a weekend you will never forget.

Event Essentials

System: Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

Army Size: Two separate armies worth 2,000 Points and 1,000 Points respectively, chosen using the rules laid down for Matched Play army selection by the General’s Handbook. Only Warscrolls and Warscroll Battalions with Pitched Battle Profiles may be used at this event, be sure to read the Generals Handbook for details. This includes Forge World models that have a Pitched Battle Profile. Note that Allegiance Abilities can and should be used.

Number of games: 5

Army Selection: Use the rules for army selection from the General’s Handbook under Matched play.

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