Christmas made easy at Warhammer World

warhammer-world-christmas-card-2016-7Warhammer World is here to make your Christmas and New Year easy and enjoyable, we’re open throughout most of Christmas and New Year – even Boxing Day!

Whether you want to shop without worries, catch up with friends, spend quality time with your family, or escape and get some space to yourself… Read on, and click the underlined links to find out more!

Shopping made simple!

Special Services

retail-stores-40k-open-days-nov-16-27Too late to order online? Warhammer World offers a unique same day service, simply ask staff to see if you’re in time to arrange your must have gift.

We also have many direct only items on the shelves, so you may be able to get what you want within seconds!

Expert Advice

Browse the world's only Forge World and Black Library shopsDon’t want socks? Create your gift list in store, then let your friends and family know that there’s an easy way get what you’d like.

Don’t know Blood Bowl from Blood Angels? Come in for a chat and let our staff help you choose the perfect gifts.

Exclusive Items

Warhammer World merchandiseAs well as Citadel products, at Warhammer World you can browse and buy Forge World and Black Library items directly.

More importantly, you can get exclusive items unavailable anywhere else such as t-shirts, mugs and miniatures. See some highlights here.

Of course, if something you got for Christmas isn’t quite right, bring in your new and well-intended (and unopened) Games Workshop gift and exchange it for what you really wanted!

Relaxing and Having fun!

Exhibitions Centre

Admire a world of miniatures in the Exhibition Centre, it’s a great way to let your loved ones see your hobby in a whole new light!

You can now buy someone else a visit to the Exhibition Centre! Just ask staff for a gift ticket, validated for future use.

Bugman’s Bar

Sit back with cake and coffee (or a quiet beer) in Bugman’s Bar, while staff prepare your same-day shopping order, or enjoy a full meal, where no-one has to sulk about the washing up!

Look out for the seasonal specials on the food menu, and winter warmer hot drinks.

Late Nights

bugman's bar (3) landscapeAvoid rushing at weekends, and join us in on a weekday evening to get your Games Workshop shopping done, or to catch up with mates.

We’re open until 6.00pm daily, and until 10.00pm Wednesday and Friday (Up to Christmas).

Things to Do!

Hammer Your Hobby Projects

painting hobby demonstrationUse our hobby stations in the Events Hall to bring your hobby tools and finish your current projects, or crack open your latest Christmas gifts.

Staff can offer advice and ideas, and there’s lots of inspiration waiting in the Exhibition Centre.

Get to Grips with a Game

retail-store-game-cropWant to try something different for 2017, or need help with a brand new Christmas gift boxed game?

Ask staff about our demo games to help you try the basics out before you get to grips with the full rules.

Battle with your Buddies

Meet up with the gaming buddies you don’t see as often as you’d like to, or bring the kids for some family time.

Reserve a table, bring your armies, and get gaming – much better than on the dining table at home! Request a table here.

See in 2017 with a Bang!

Whether you are a fan of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000, Blood Bowl or The Hobbit we will have something for you to enjoy at Warhammer World’s New Year’s Open Day on January 2nd!click-for-details-button-300x62


christmas bugmans bar orcWarhammer World is open throughout most of the Christmas and the New Year period, but we will be closed some days, so remember, do check for any changes before you plan your visit, and we’ll see you soon!