Guest Displays

As well as miniatures painted for Games Workshop’s publications, Warhammer World also showcases personal painting projects by talented painters.

From among the hobby community and by some of our professional painters, these regularly changing displays show the hobby from large collections, to single stunning figures.

Golden Demon Winners’ Display

On show:  July 22nd – October 13th EXTENDED! Most of the miniatures will still be on show, gathered into a couple of cabinets, until Friday November 24th.
Entry: Included in Exhibition Centre ticket

See an impressive collection of 2016/2017 season Golden Demon winning miniatures from over 30 painters – including Slayer Sword winning miniatures, and Maxime Pastourel’s entire Open Category winning Eldar army. In cabinets throughout the Exhibition Centre, find inspiration from these stunning miniatures, and perhaps pick up ideas for your own painting projects.

The AstralTemplars

On show:  October 16th – January 12th
Entry: Included in Exhibition Centre ticket

James Karch may joke “I have painted too many Stormcast…” but gathered all in one place, they make for a fantastic display. Complete with all the Stormcast Eternal characters, multiple Stardrakes and Dracoths, and even more, it’s an impressive collection to behold.

Michael Anderson’s Miniatures

On show:  October 16th – Early 2018
Entry: Included in Exhibition Centre ticket

Mike, a previous member of the Design Studio, has kindly loaned a small collection of his older miniatures for display, with intricate converted details and dramatically posed dioramas.

Armies on Parade

On show:  Changing content throughout the year
Entry: Included in Exhibition Centre ticket

Enjoy this series of regularly changing Armies on Parade and miniatures collections, with great miniatures created for the love of the hobby, often showcased on carefully created scenic boards. You may be inspired for your own miniatures!

  • New displays following the Parade Day on October 28th to be announced soon.