Guest Displays

As well as miniatures painted for Games Workshop’s publications, Warhammer World also showcases personal painting projects by talented painters.

From among the hobby community and by some of our professional painters, these regularly changing displays show the hobby from large collections, to single stunning figures.

Armies on Parade

On show:  Changing content throughout the year
Entry: Included in Exhibition Centre ticket

Enjoy this series of regularly changing Armies on Parade and miniatures collections, with great miniatures created for the love of the hobby, often showcased on carefully created scenic boards. You may be inspired for your own miniatures!

  • Louise Sugden’s Goblin Stadium
    • On Display November 27th – March TBC
    • See more about it here.
  • Maxime Corbeil’s Black Templars 
    • On display  January 5th – March 25th
    • See more about it here.
  • Dave Gent’s Space Wolves 
    • On display January 6th – April 5th
    • See more about it here.
  • Paul Billinghurst’s Flesheater Court 
    • On display  January 19th –  April 21st
    • See more about it here.
  • James Collard’s Corsairs of Umbar 
    • On display  January 20th –  April 21st
    • See more about it here.
  • Dan Harden’s T’au
    • On display  February 5th –  April 30th
    • See more about it here.
  • Dane Richards’ Seraphon 
    • On display  February 13th –  May TBC
    • See more about it here.
  • James Littler’s  The Hammers of Sigmar
    • On display  February –  May 13th
    • See more about it here.

Coming soon:

  • Harvey Snape’s Masque of Midnight Sorrow Harlequins
    • On display  March 26th – June TBC
  • Melissa Holland’s  The Constellation of Order 
    • On display  April 23rd – June/July TBC
  • Luke Blick’s The prophets of Ynnead
    • On display  May 1st – June TBC
  • Dom Murray’s Warriors of the Northern Tundra
    • On display  May TBC – July/August TBC