Guest Displays

As well as miniatures painted for Games Workshop’s publications, Warhammer World also showcases personal painting projects by talented painters.

From among the hobby community and by some of our professional painters, these regularly changing displays show the hobby from large collections, to single stunning figures.

The Pilgrym

The Pilgrym was a seven month collaborative project undertaken by friends from around the world. These beautifully detailed miniatures and 4×4 foot gaming board all embrace the Blanchitsu style, carry the touch of their individual creators, yet also pull into one cohesive display together.

On show: December 3rd – February 26th inclusive
Entry: Included in Exhibition Centre ticket

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Armies on Parade

Enjoy this series of regularly changing Armies on Parade guest displays, with great miniatures created for the love of the hobby, often showcased on carefully created scenic boards.

  • Skaven by Dan Harden – November 12th – February 9th
  • Seraphon by Joey Logan – November 12th – February 9th
  • Astra Militarum and Cult Mechanicus by Chris Bilewicz – November 12th – February 9th
  • Krieg 108th regiment by Philip Spence – November 12th – February 23rd
  • Tyranids and Genestealer Cultists by Eddie Eccles – January 13th – March 30th
  • Sylvaneth by Dawn Greenwood –  January 14th – March TBC

Coming soon:

  • Forces of Khorne, and Orruks by Jamie Forster & Gary Shaw – February 10th – March TBC
  • Blood Angels by James Woods – February 11th – March 30th

On show:  Changing content throughout the year
Entry: Included in Exhibition Centre ticket