Doubles Weekend: The War at Life’s End

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7th – 8th November 2015

Warhammer World, Nottingham 

Team up with your most trusted ally for a Doubles Weekend, which focuses on fun and camaraderie, and is an ideal event for all, whether you be a veteran of a thousand wars or you’re just taking your first steps on your crusade. Prizes are awarded for painting and sportsmanship; you don’t need to win a single game to do well at Doubles, it’s all about having a great attitude and enjoying yourself.

age-of-sigmar-doubles-weekend-pack-cover-212x300The War at Life’s End

Sigmar has unleashed his fury. The storm has come and his legions have spread across the different realms, bringing lighting and death to the minions of Chaos. The war against the Plague God Nurgle goes ill and heroes are needed to rise up and save the realm, or by their failures, damn it for eternity.

At this, our first ever Age of Sigmar Doubles Campaign here at Warhammer World, we will be telling the story of a portion of the Realm of Gyhran, called Life’s End. By your actions will the Realm stand, or fall, withered and corrupted.

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