‘Eavy Metal Masterclass Weekend – Non Metallic Metals

May 26th-27th

Non-Metallic Metals

This, our third and final Masterclass of the season, will tackle one of the most celebrated techniques in miniature painting today – Non-Metallic Metals. This technique is as tricky to get right as it is popular and requires a painter to be at a reasonably advanced stage of painting before tackling it head on. This Masterclass will give you not only the skills, but knowledge and expert guidance needed to get a handle on how to maximise the effectiveness of this technique on your miniatures.

If you have attended the previous two Masterclasses, you will be in a great place to take on the challenge of painting Non-Metallic Metals, even if you don’t think you can do it right now!

If you feel you are at the stage, or simply want to learn how its done, then you can still come along – you are very welcome!

Day One – Lesson One – Non Metallic MetalsThe Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host
  • This lesson is so detailed and in-depth we are dedicating an entire day to it. From light sourcing to colour choice, no rock is left un-turned as the ‘Eavy Metal painters shine a light (no pun intended) on the subject of Non-Metallic Metals.
Day Two – One on One Time

This time is your time to do with as you please. You can get detailed advice about specific techniques, get feedback on models, get help with Golden Demon entries – pretty much anything that relates to painting is fair game, and the ’Eavy Metal member will there to not only talk you through it, but we’ll have the equipment on hand for them to show you too.

We will ask you if there is anything specific you would like to see on day one, and match you with a painter we think is best suited to answer your question.

You can even ask for advice on subjects not covered by any of our courses, but as your time is limited, you may wish to stick to subjects from the previous day, especially in this case as Non-Metallics is such a high-level technique.

Find out about all of the event basics, like timetables, equipment and what you’ll receive, here: