‘Eavy Metal Masterclass Weekend – The Foundations of Excellence

December 9th-10th

The Foundations of Excellence

Primaris Captain

At our first Masterclass Weekend, you will be show the fundamentals of great miniature painting. This foundation will give you to starting point to build on in order to begin (or continue) your journey on the path to becoming an incredible painter. Each of these techniques may sound straightforward, but the correct understanding of how these are applied and to what surfaces is critical to great painting.


Day One – Lesson One – Edge Highlighting (Hard Surfaces and Edges) and Shading
  • How to mix paint properly.
  • Shading – the ‘Eavy Metal way (there IS a difference!).
  • How to use edge highlighting to get that crisp, clean finish associated with ‘Eavy Metal.

Day One – Lesson Two – How to Paint Skin (Soft, smoother surfaces and tones)
  • How to paint skin from start to finish.
  • Glazing – this integral part in order to get colour and tone on skin.
  • Eyes.
  • Enhancing features – scars, stubble, bruised skin around cranial sockets etc.
Day Two – One on One Time

This time is your time to do with as you please. Your one on one time can be used in a variety of different ways. You can get detailed advice about specific techniques, get feedback on models, get help with Golden Demon entries – pretty much anything that relates to painting is fair game, and the ’Eavy Metal member will there to not only talk you through it, but we’ll have the equipment on hand for them to show you too.

We will ask you if there is anything specific you would like to see on day one, and match you with a painter we think is best suited to answer your question.

You can even ask for advice on subjects not covered by any of our courses, but as your time is limited, you may wish to stick to subjects from the previous day. Examples include:

Edge Highlights – minor battle damage, metallics, eye lenses.

Skin – Tattoos, Raw wounds, blood, specific skin tones (green, brown, purples etc.)

When you are not spending time in a one on one, you can practice the previous days skills using our facilities, or, once your one on one is over, you can even take an early trip if you have planes to catch or traffic to skip!

This Masterclass will set you up so that you can get the most out of the following ones, so if you want to push your painting to the next level this is the perfect first step!

Find out about all of the event basics, like timetables, equipment and what you’ll receive, here: