The Next Global Event

Spiel ’15 – Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th of October

Spiel 2015

Our next event will be Spiel ’15! This event is held in Essen, Germany.

This four-day event is a great opportunity to meet gamers around world and pick up exclusive Forge World event miniatures as well as new releases from Forge World AND Citadel!

For more information on the event itself, please visit the Spiel website.

Before the event:
To ensure you get exactly the Forge World models you want for Spiel 2015, place an order for collection at the event now! All you need to do is call the Forge World customer service team on 00 44 115 900 4995 by 6pm (BST). The last day to place your pre-order for this event is Friday 25th of September.

During the event:

We will be bringing along the brand new Forge World and Citadel releases as well as the breath-taking Lord Commander Eidolon and the exquisite Mechanicum: Taghmata Army List hardback book!

We will also have the EVENT ONLY: Autilon Skorr and Nayrik Dreygur miniatures available too!

There is more to come, but that would be telling!

If for any reason we do not have the miniatures you would like in stock then we are offering FREE shipping on any orders over €50!